Melissa, Perú

I started the Vitaminbowspring program online. Gabriela is an amazing person and a fantastic teacher with a big heart!

Her greatest quality is patience and, despite the distance, I always felt that she was right there with me.

She teaches with love and compassion, motivating me even after my 3 hip surgeries. She makes difficult things easy. 

I'll always be thankful to you for guiding me through this beautiful adventure in Bowspring.

Bowspring Perú

Luciana, Perú

Because of the energy she transmitted to me from the very first moment, I chose Gabriela as my teacher to deepen my Bowspring practice with her online learning programs. 

She's very dedicated, meticulous and perceptive while sharing the minute details of the method. She teaches with empathy, sensitivity and an ability to transmit what's necessary. There's always something new to learn from her. 


María Cedrá,  Mallorca

I've been practicing Bowspring with Gabriela for a year now, attending her classes and going deeper with the Vitaminbowspring Program. Gabriela is a sensitive and open person.I've learned a lot through Bowspring, like how to make my life healthier in body, mind and heart.I'm so happy to have met her. She's like a life teacher to me.



Carlota, Mallorca

I started Bowspring classes with Gabriela 2 years ago.

Gabriela helped me to discover my body and I've gotten to the point where I can apply the Bowspring alignment to my everyday activities. 

Gabriela is happiness and her classes make me joyful and full of energy!! I'm so thankful. 

Vitamina Bowspring estudiante

Aghate, Mallorca

I started practicing Bowspring with Gabriela 4 years ago and I love both her group and private classes. 

She's a very attentive and considerate teacher, and always adjusts to my needs.

She teaches from her heart.

As she is continually in contact and studying with the founders, she transmits all the new elements and refinements of the practice. 

It's such a pleasure to learn with her and I'll always be thankful for her teachings.

vitamina bowspring

Malu, Mallorca

I've been practicing Bowspring with Gabriela for three years.

I consider her classes a challenge as there is always something new to work on or improve. 

She transmits Bowspring with passion and joy.

Her classes fill me with healthy energy.

Gabriela is a terrific teacher and generous person.

Thanks Gabriela!