Trust your intuition

Practice is your medicine

My purpose:

Accompany your evolution towards self-knowledge.


One of the objectives of a private PLAN is to enhance your skills by fully focusing on your needs to focus and help you achieve your goals.

I feel enormous gratification to see the evolution of people at all levels of physical and emotional growth. You choose the place or we are in online format.


Where to start?

We begin a path where the fundamental pillars of the practice will be present:

Mindfulness, Responsibility and Compassion.

We do an interview together to get to know each other, find out what your goals are and have a broader vision to make a plan for you.

Classes are 60 minutes long.

These are some of the benefits of a personalized practice:


✔ understand the mind-body relationship.

✔identify what your unconscious postural patterns are.

✔feel fuller in your life.

✔ empower and energize the body and soul.

✔ raise your vibration.

✔ raise your self-esteem.

✔ deepen your practice.

✔ stimulate the flow of energy and thus create stability.

Extra benefits

Choose a PLAN and share it with a person unifying work objectives.

With each PLAN get a code for the subscription to the BOWSPRING CHANNEL.

Access to the member's area.