Discovering Bowspring

I am from Uruguay, from an early age I studied poetry with my paternal grandmother, she taught great things about breathing and how to transmit with sensitivity.

I studied ballet for years. Sports and being 'active' have always been an integral part of my life. My father said it was a vital sign of health.

I have practiced numerous sports disciplines from fitness to sports closely connected with nature.

In 2000 my first encounter with Mallorca arose, I practiced Anusara yoga and I decided to deepen my practice with greater dedication by training 200 RTY Yoga Alliance in Mallorca.

It was in 2014 when I attended the Bowspring presentation in Malaga and met its creators Desi Springer and John Friend, there I felt a latent openness at all levels.

It was that same opening that led me to continue and deepen this new paradigm with its creators on their tour in Europe, Japan and the birthplace of the Bowspring in Denver.

I have been teaching the bowspring methodology since 2015.

I taught classes in Palma de Mallorca in numerous yoga studios and wellness and health centers.

I have presented the methodology in more than thirty workshops in recent years.

Currently my home is my private practice and teaching studio .

At the Balearic Government Adult Education Center I teach the most therapeutic part of the methodology.

I recently trained in Functional Coaching by integrating these tools into private classes and programs.

I teach Workshops in Spain, Switzerland and Germany presenting the methodology.

I believe in a new vision of movement through conscious postural training, integrating breathing, meditation and a philosophy of life for true health.

I feel like a missionary traveling the world to share my knowledge and the message that we can all heal.

Join me in this discovery!