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Evolving slow and fluid.

"Slow and Flow"

Evolving slow and fluid.


Tuesday - Slow - 7pm.

Friday - Flow - 9am.

Schedule 10 classes in 5 weeks.


Tuesday the class is 60 minutes of slow movement and therapeutic will emphasize (Establish, Expand and Engage) Establish, Expand and Engage or activate to create tone, improve your ability to perceive yourself, embody a global tone in your body and gain expansion at your core while refining actions and mindfulness.


On Thursday the class is 75 minutes long that will add the challenge with flow movement introducing level 2 (Extend, Elevate and Evolve) Extend, Elevate, Wrap or pulse where forms and kata will awaken the confidence of the body, mind and emotions will keep us moving on the road.


A main theme will connect with the movement to help emotionally inspire your practice.

Both classes are mindful postural training that add up to a level of challenge.

The breath will be a beacon to guide us with love and sensitivity.

As we move slowly and fluidly this program is to heal, discover and release.



About me….

As many know me, I am certified in the Bowspring methodology.

I studied with Desi Springer and John Friend throughout these 7 years in different countries and different trainings.

My intention is to share with you my experience and an invitation to amplify your knowledge of yourself.

In my classes I like to feel the energetic connection and that you feel the freedom to connect with yourself.

Teach from the humility of the heart always remembering that we are all students, together we investigate how to walk towards optimal health and happiness.

The program includes:

  • The recordings in the class library.

  • Private WhatsApp group for questions and sharing experiences.

  • Welcome code VIMEO ON DEMAND Bowspring Universe


See you there! ❤

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