The ten days of transformation are about taking a break from processed foods.

Purium resets your metabolism and disrupts the addiction to processed foods. It ALSO detoxifies your body and cleans out your digestive tract. 

This 10 day program substitutes your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


Your body can live without a lot of calories but not without enough nutrition.


The concept behind the Ten Day Transformation is quite simple and uses dense, nutrient rich superfoods, slow burning carbs and easy to digest proteins. 


100% vegan!! 100% natural!!

We can allow ourselves 10 days of 3 portions of organic, unprocessed flexible food to achieve ultimate success!

There's a 10 day transformation just right for you! 

Transformation is within everybody's reach!


Get under way by just clicking the "start" button. Choose your country and then "Enroll." Press the discount button, fill in your personal information and don't forget to enter... GIFT CARD CODE: BOWSPRINGSPAIN

​If you have any questions, send them to me using the following form and I'll be happy to guide you.


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